Lisa Curtis Headshot w- Product (1)Thanks for your interest in contacting me. I welcome all opinions, speaking requests and ideas. Please note that while I try to reply to everyone, that is not always possible due to the sheer volume of requests. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when connecting with me:

1. I write from personal experience and don’t do endorsements. So please don’t send me your press releases.

2. I love speaking about Kuli Kuli, millennials and entrepreneurship. I’ve presented at hundreds of conferences. When inviting me to speak, please keep in mind that Kuli Kuli does not yet have a conference budget. I am currently only able to take speaking engagements where travel and accommodations are covered.

3. I love meeting new people and I’m always happy to help new entrepreneurs but please do some research before you reach out. I write about my entrepreneurial journey frequently and, most likely, your questions can be answered by reading my writings. If you have a reason why we absolutely must connect, I do 30 minute calls on Friday afternoons.

Also, #protip, I’m a millennial, so I check my social media more than my email. Looking forward to connecting!

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