Top 5 Best Cultural Moments

June 30th, 2008

I have now officially been in Kenya for a month. While it never really felt like that different, here are my top five favorite cultural moments.

1. On the first night with my host family, it started getting a little cold for the skirt I was wearing. I decided that I needed to put on something warmer, announcing to my family,

“It’s a little cold, I’m going to go put on pants.”

The boys turned bright red and my host mom laughed. Confused, I went into my room and changed. When I came out, she pulled me aside and pointing to my pants said,

“We call those trousers, pants means underpants. I laughed because it sounded like you said you were going to put on underpants.”

2. Teaching Charntel and Jackie how to “go dumb” in the kitchen while we were cooking burritos. (For those of you older folk, youtube “going dumb”, I promise it will be worthwhile)

3. Felix telling me that he wanted me to come to a funeral fundraiser with him. When I asked him why, feeling a little awkward about going to the funeral of someone I don’t know, he told me

“If you are there then all the girls will want to talk to the muzungu so if you’re sitting next to me then I’ll get to talk to all the girls.”

To which I replied, “You know, in America, guys use puppies to do that.”

He got excited, “Yes, exactly! You can be my little white  puppy!”

4. Walking with Alfred through some rural villages in the hot sun, eating sugarcane. At one point we passed a school and the ENTIRE school came out onto the road to ask “Muzungu, how are you?”

5. Teaching Jackie, Charntel, Allen and some of the neighborhood boys how to limbo. They loved it and for the rest of the day all Jackie could say was “limbo, limbo, lim-BO!”