Such a Crazy Week!

I just participated in the largest climate march in history, 100,000 people from all over the world who gathered together in a shared desire for a fair, ambitious and binding climate deal here in Copenhagen, Denmark. We held torches for Climate Justice, acknowledging the fact that 75% of the ghg emissions in the atmosphere have come from the global north while 75% of the negative impacts of increased temperatures is predicted to occur in the global south.

The Largest March in Climate History!

The march was an incredible halfway mark to an amazing experience that is now halfway over! I’m still not sure how that happened, somewhere in between standing outside the conference center in a bathing suit chanting “out in the cold to stop the heat” and attending endless youth meetings inside the conference, my intention to blog everyday somehow evaporated in the frozen Danish air. I’ve written a few political posts, bashing Sarah Palin and lamenting the incredible power of Congress over these negotiations but I’ve been a bit negligent in describing what I am actually doing here in Copenhagen! Here’s a link to my full page of photos but I’ll highlight just a few standout moments.

Last weekend, I participated in the Conference of Youth, an experience that made me feel incredibly honored to be a part of such an intelligent and motivated youth movement.

Conference of Youth

The week itself passed even faster! On Monday we rattled up the conference with a fun flash dance in the main plenary hall.

Tuesday I got the policy wonk in me satisfied from a meeting with Jonathan Pershing, the lead climate negotiator from the United States. The meeting just emphasized my belief that the U.S. Congress has entirely too much control over these negotiations!


Wednesday we decided to crash an Americans for Prosperity (a oil industry front group and major climate deniers) who attacked us as “Nazis” and “crazed Hitler youth.” The infamous Lord Moncton then repeated to tell one of my Jewish friends that he is killing people in the third world (for which we got an article in the Times!)

Then, on Thursday, I got interviewed by the Wall Street Journal (article not release yet) for my role in an “Out in the Cold to Stop the Heat” action where I might have paraded around in a pink bathing suit.

In the Cold to Stop the Heat

Friday I helped start a group to deliver youth policy briefings to Congressional members when they arrive next week. I also participated in a Rapid Responder phone-a-thon to youth back home, sign up here if you want a personal update from Copenhagen or check out our facebook page.

Thanks for reading!