London Hotel Party

The first thing I did when I arrived at the London Airport was to walk over to the currency exchange. I figured that I’m only here for one night and I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I decided that $40 should be enough for me to take the bus down to London and get a snack or some little souvenir. But when I presented the dollars to the woman at the counter and asked for pounds she actually laughed at me. She showed my money to the guy next to her who said

“Sweetheart, London is expensive, this will get you maybe 15 pounds”

Yikes, maybe I don’t want to live in London after all…I took the bus to my hotel and then decided that I would take a quick nap before trying to see the sights (or all the sights that $40 would show me anyway). I guess I was a little more tired than I thought because by the time I woke up it was 9:00 (or 21:00 as they’d say here, everything is in military time). Oops…

I decided to try anyway and went and asked the concierge for recommendations for a good (and cheap) place to go dancing. I love dancing and thought it’d be cool to check out the London night scene. He eyed me for a second and then asked if I was going alone. When I responded affirmatively he raised an eyebrow and gave me my second least favorite term of endearment, after sweetheart.

“Honey, it’s too late to go into London. Its not safe for a young girl alone.”

I knew he was right but was still frustrated, wanting to see London for the brief time I am here. So I guess it is just me and my Kenya books and computer tonight, quite the hotel party…