Here are a few links to some of the articles I’ve written
7/02/12 Grist- After the Earth Summit, Young People Push for Real Change
Unlike many of the gray-haired negotiators, we can’t afford to let our system continue to fail. We’re coming of age in a time of rising inequality, staggering rates of global unemployment, severe declines in natural resources, and this fun little thing called climate change that even scientists funded by Big Oil can’t seem to deny. Many of my peers and I have come to see this doom and gloom as an incredible opportunity to change the way the world works.

6/14/12 Forbes- Millennials Struggle to Create Social Change and Pay the Bills

For most of my life, I’ve specialized in working really hard without getting paid. This specialty seems inherent to many young people who seek to create social or environmental change; we spend countless hours fighting for the causes we love for little or no compensation and the rest of our time working restaurant-type jobs to pay the bills. Or we eat a lot of ramen. Or both.


5/07/2012 Grist- Don’t Call me an Environmentalist
If we’re truly going to create a more sustainable and equitable economic system, we need to look past the divisions and understand that most of us are on the same side, regardless of the labels we place on ourselves, or choose not to.
5/02/12 Forbes- The Millennial Dilemma: Just a Job or Truly Meaningful Work?
Most Americans report being satisfied with their job-jobs. Young people, however, are not drinking the Kool-Aid.
3/09/12 Forbes- Why Crowdfund Investing is the Path to Economic Recovery
The potential for crowdfund investing to transform the way startups access capital is staggering.
2/24/2012 Forbes- The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Changemakers
Just as organizations need mission statements to spell out their overall goals and guide their decision-making, so too do individuals. After all, we all want to live meaningful lives but each of us have a different idea of what that means.
2/01/12 Forbes- Rethinking Happiness and Success
Every generation leaves its mark in different ways. I have high hopes that my generation will take the splinters of success handed down to us and create a new, more constructive form of capitalism that creates real value and fills our lives with meaning.
1/23/12 Forbes- Happiness is the New Success: Why Millennials Are Reprioritizing
Now that the ladder of success has been reduced to splinters, the question remains: what does “success” mean in the 21st century and how do we achieve it?
11/02/11 The Huffington Post– #Occupy Rooftops
By harnessing the momentum of #OccupyWallStreet around the fastest growing industry in America, solar, #OccupyRooftops hopes to help people create beautiful, job-producing solar projects in their communities and speak to their visceral economic anxieties.
7/12/11 Forbes– Changing Delhi: One Cab Ride at a Time
While India still has a long ways to go before women are widely recognized as valuable members of society,  innovative social enterprises like Sakha provide hope amidst bleak statistics.